HRC Parameters

      To benefit from  HRC Bookings , each hotel must grant  HRC  40% and 25% discounts for a certain number of days per year. This number of days depends on the  number of opening days  per year and the  number of rooms  the hotel has.

      Opening Days ( = season parameter)

      A hotel has to enter the days when it is open and those when it is closed (see example below). To meet the needs of our clients, a hotel must always have at least 9 months scheduled in the future.

      It is recommended that the hotel defines at least 12 months when entering for the first time the Opening Days. 
         In the example above the Opening Days are 499 days. 

      Number of Rooms ( = rooms parameter)

      The hotel must indicate all room types, regardless of whether it plans to give  HRC  availability for all these room types or only for a part of them. The size of hotel manifested by the total number of rooms is an important input for the revenue management.

           In the example above the Number of Rooms is:  55 

      HRC Discounts

      Based on the example above,  499 Opening Days  and  55 Rooms , the  HRC Extranet  calculates the number of days for which the hotel has to assign the  HRC Discounts  of 40% and 25%: 

      HRC  Param. 0 - 30 rooms  31 - 75 rooms 76 - 150 rooms 151+ rooms
      days with
      40% + 25% discount
      60% 66% 72% 78% 


           For 66 % of the 499 Opening Days defined in the HRC Extranet , which means 329 days, the hotel has to assign 40% discount for 33 days and 25% discount for 296 days. For the remaining 170 days, the HRC Extranet is automatically assigning 10% discount.

      1. The hotel has the freedom to decide which days to allocate 40% and 25%. 

      2. The hotel can change the allocation of the discounts at any time on the  HRC Extranet  in order to maximise the revenue.

      3. The  HRC Extranet checks that for the minimum number of days (in this example 33 resp. 296 days) 40% discount and 25% are allocated each.

      4. The hotel is free to allocate 40% or 25% discount to additional days beyond the minimum number of days. 


      Channel Manager

      For hotels entering into an agreement with HRC for the first time, it is necessary to work with a Channel Manager that is already connected to the HRC Extranet.

      Ratedock Meta Channel Manager

      We currently have the  Ratedock  Meta Channel Manager connected to the HRC Extranet  which has 56 channel managers integrated. On the following page, you can check whether the Channel Manager you are using is already connected to Ratedock, which allows you to connect your hotel to the  HRC Extranet:

      Check Ratedock Integrations now

      If your Channel Manager isn't available yet or the status is Implementation or Certification, we put your hotel on the waiting list. In such case you will be contacted, as soon as your Channel Manager is avaialable with the status Live.

      Additional Channel Manager Integrations

      We are planning to integrate additional Channel Managers, either directly or through a Meta Channel Manager. Updates are coming soon.

      daydreams hotels

      Exception : Former daydreams  hotels, which are not or not yet connected to a Channel Manager, have the exclusive opportunity to work in the manual mode and to enter and update the BAR and Availability directly on the HRC Extranet .  

      HRC onboarding

      A team from Ratedock is going to handle of the configuration of HRC  on the hotel's Channel Manager. This service is free of charge.

      HRC Price

      Once the HRC parameters for a hotel have been entered on the HRC Extranet and the HRC onboarding has been completed on the hotel's Channel Manager, the hotel can start transmitting the BAR (Best Available Rate).
      On the HRC Extranet the BAR will be reduced by the HRC Discount to calculate the HRC Price with which the HRC Customers can book the hotels.

          BAR – HRC Discount = HRC Price

      The BAR must correspond to the BAR on any online booking portal or website for identical room types, dates, occupancies, cancellation conditions and meal plans as well as other additional offers or restrictions.

      HRC Availability

      Depending on the total Number of Rooms the hotel should make a certain percentage of rooms available (= HRC Availability target value ) on the HRC Extranet :

      0 - 30 rooms 31 - 75 rooms 76 - 150 rooms 151+ rooms
      Number of rooms 5% 5% 5% 5%
      In the example above the Number of Rooms is 55, which means the hotel should assign  rooms  (= 5% * 55) .

      This free sales  HRC Availability  can be increased, reduced or blocked (= stop sales) at any time. 

          The higher the HRC Availability of a hotel in relation to the target values given above, the better it will be ranked in the search results and enjoy higher priority for further marketing services by HRC .

          HRC Availability assigned to 40% days will be ranked higher than HRC Availability to 25% and to 10% days.

          HRC Availability assigned to standard double rooms will be ranked higher than HRC Availability assigned to other room types.


      HRC checks on daily bases the hotel's BAR and HRC Availability and its compliance according to the requirements above.
       Each HRC Booking  (= used availability) is considered as " HRC Availabilty ".  

      Hotels with the (1) BAR always being compliant and (2) high HRC Availability and (3) more than the minimum required 40% and 25% HRC Discount days receive (A) a better ranking in the search results on the HRC Website and (B) receive priority in further marketing services by HRC .

      HRC Auto Revenue

      HRC optimizes the HRC discounts and thus the HRC Price  for a date if certain parameters are met.

       Reducing the HRC Discount from 40% to 25% ...

        Reducing the HRC Discount from 25% to 10% ...   

      ... if for a date the number of HRC Bookings >= 10% of the total number of rooms of the hotel

       Increasing the HRC Discount from 10% to 25% on the 5th day before the date for days with 10% discounts.
       Increasing the HRC Discount from 25% to 40% on the 10t h day  before the date for days with 25% discounts.

      Your HRC Availability is well valued by us. With our smart HRC Auto Revenue alogaritm, we take the optimisation work off your hands and you have more time to focus on other tasks.

      HRC Cancellation Policy

      >= 15 days before arrival: A  HRC  Bookings  can be cancelled up to 15 days before the arrival date free of charge.
      0 - 14 days before arrival: A  HRC Bookings can NOT be cancelled any longer and 100% of the amount for the HRC Booking must be paid to the hotel. Deviations from this policy are only possible with the written confirmation of the hotel.

      Meal Options

      The BAR that the hotel submits to the HRC Extranet shall be without breakfast included. Breakfast should be included in the best available rate (BAR) only when the hotel provides it for all overnight stays.

      If breakfast is always included as standard in the BAR, the HRC Extranet must be configured accordingly. 

      The hotel can set the prices for different meal options ( breakfast , halfboard and fullboard  for adults , small children  and children) in the HRC Extranet . However, meal options for infants are not available. Infants are charged according to what they consume. For the age criteria of infants, small children and children, please refer to the next item "Children".

      The hotel is required to enter the prices for meal options on the HRC Extranet directly and not transmit them through the channel manager.  The prices for meal options on the HRC Extranet will also be affected by the HRC Discounts .

      HRC Children Discounts

      If the hotel accepts children for HRC Bookings , it can set up HRC Children Discounts on the HRC Extranet . The age categories are standardized for all hotels as follows:

      From  Till Discount
      Infant 0 years 1,99 years XX %
      Small Child 2 years 7,99 years XX %
      Child 8 years 11,99 years XX %

      The hotel must enter the discounts for children on the HRC Extranet directly and not send the children prices through the channel manager.

      The HRC Price for children's accommodation is calculated as follows:    

           BAR – HRC Discount - HRC Children DiscountHRC Price